Our team synergy is our strength. We are but a sum of our people. Our respect for each other, our sentiment, and the rules of engagement are enshrined in and encouraged by POBI, our company values.

  • Hierarchy: in our office, the bosses don’t have an office. There are no walls separating people. We’ve broken traditional hierarchies – we believe everyone has an important role to play, our reporting lines are relatively flat. Everyone has direct and immediate access to management and leadership. Yet, people do have more senior roles and benefits to aspire for.

  • Mentoring: we’ve created a strong culture of mentoring our people, not just newbies, beyond their induction. It’s driven by the leadership team, who invest their energy in encouraging every team member to fulfil their career and life ambitions, and to develop their talents

  • Learning & Development: we are passionate about our people’s success. We’ve crafted a nurturing environment and fertile training ground for personal growth. We believe in the 70:20:10 principle, which means 70% of learning happens on-the-job, 20% through mentorship and 10% through professional training.

  • Team bonding: we work smart and play hard. Our Thursday team lunch has become sacrosanct, the regular potlucks are to die for, and the regular dinners and annual party brings everyone together. The office wears a festive look during major celebrations. The company recognises good performance through epic team getaways – whether to Phuket or Georgia. Our collaborative and open work spaces also help bring people together to create a positive work culture and energy, which in turn boosts our creativity and productivity. 

  • Recruitment: all our team members have gone through a fair and merit-based recruitment and selection process.